Your parking lot assistant.

with the help of AI we'll find you an available spot nearby 🚗.

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We'll reinvent the way you park - easier, faster and simpler.


What you get with Where To Park

We solve one of the most important problems in current modern cities.

Time savings

Drivers on average waste 10 minutes looking for a parking space. We will fix that by giving you exact directions to the nearest available parking spot.

Money savings

A few bucks is wasted each time you want to park. You not only pay for running the car, but also for the spent time that you could spend doing something more productive than circulating around a parking lot.

Usage analytics

Data is the key - so we want to provide parking lots with information who enters the parking lot or how much time do they spend there.


Based on history events, user can check predictions whether parking lot will be free on Thursday 4pm.

Disabled people

We provide disabled people with information, which specific parking lot has spots for them, and if they're available right now, in real-time.


Cities or parking lots could choose to additionally promote the parking lot in the app, so it'd appear higher in the results.

Behind the scenes

Where To Park's Blueprint!

Building on modern foundations

Gain an advantage by incorporating our systems into a parking lot.

Real-time occupancy detection

With over 93% of accuracy we're able to detect which parking spots are vacant and occupied.

Weather agnostic

Our AI Model has been tested to work in rain, overcast and even when it's snowing ❄️.

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Mobile app

Drivers can easily access information through our mobile app.

Wide-range of data

Not only the amount of available parking spaces, but also opening hours, prices, maximum dimensions and anything you'd ever need for parking your vehicle!

Smart directions

Our app will be able to dynamically route you to the nearest available parking space, and if someone would take it halfway your way there we will re-route you to a different car park.

Add a new parking lot to our app.

Step 1: Gather data

We need information such as geolocation, opening hours, pricing and, most importantly, access to your IP camera.

Step 2: Send it to us

We are availabe at [email protected].

Step 3: Validation

We'll validate the data you've sent, and test the cameras. Once it's done your parking lot will be available in our app. Usually it takes up to one week.


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Where To Park's outreach

We've just started, yet we're already making an impact.


Supported in major cities

Not limited to only one country. We're expanding rapidly and broadly


Our team appeared on many media sites, promoting our ideas and vision on future of parking lots.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the following questions to gain insights into the powerful features that Where To Park offers and how it can elevate your daily driving life.

Is the app available?

What's the accuracy of your system?

System accuracy ranges from 90 to 95 percent accuracy in determining if parking spot is available.

We're constantly improving.

What about privacy?

The images we're collecting from CCTV cameras are safely stored for error evaluation.

Optionally we can also automatically blur out the faces, registration plates and other vulnerable data.

What parking lots do you support?

Our AI-based system supports all kinds of parking lots