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What problem are we solving?

0 minutes

Average time wasted each time you want to park.


Of drivers circulate around parking lots

730 tons of CO2

Annual contribution to air pollution in Los Angeles alone.

Our solution

Easy access to information about available parking lots nearby

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Powered by AI  🤖

Our system automatically marks green free spaces, and red occupied.

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Benefits 📈

For drivers 🚗

  • Money savings of around 9zł or 2$ per each parking session (based on costs of running the car and wasted time).
  • People with disabilities can easily check which parking lots have specially designated spaces for them, and whether these spaces are free.
  • Predictions of availability. The user has access to the statistics of the occupancy of places on parking lots at a given time and on a given day. For example, on Friday at 5 pm, the parking lot is usually 80% full, and on Saturday at 2 pm, it is 50% full.

For parking operators 👔

  • In-app promotion - more customers.
  • Reserving parking spaces directly in the app, without need of phone calling.

For cities 🌇

  • Trend analysis - will help cities choosing the right place for a new parking lot, or managing the prices.
  • Our system can detect illegally parked vehicle and notify the authorities.
  • Decreased car traffic - in some cities up to 70% of traffic is caused by drivers.
  • Optimised distribution of cars - drivers could start using less known, or recently opened parking lots, thus reducing the load on the most demanded ones.

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